Creo your Creative Table – How to Use it and Story

At Nestart, we’re dedicated to minimizing waste and environmental impact through our products. Whether we’re repurposing scraps or recycling materials, our goal remains the same: to breathe new life into resources that would otherwise go to waste. However, sustainability doesn’t mean compromising on quality or design. Each piece we create is meticulously crafted to not only meet your aesthetic preferences but also to withstand the test of time.

CREO has been designed by Stefano Lodesani and made by Nestart Srl in 2020… it is still available in Nestart’s Metamorphosis Collection.

In 2024, with Nestart Lab, we created a new version of CREO by changing just the top. This little change allows us to sell you a 100% Sustainable product!

Why CREO? What does it mean?

What sets our products apart is their versatility and customizable nature. Take our CREO table, for example. Its top surface is fully customizable, allowing you to unleash your creativity. You can paint on it using normal paints or permanent markers, transforming it into a unique piece of art. This feature not only adds a personal touch to your space but also encourages everyone to become an artist—hence the name CREO, which means ‘I create’ in Latin!

At Nestart Lab, our creative hub, you’re the main artist. It’s a place where you can explore your creativity without any limitations.

creo compact in outdoor space,  sustainable design coffee table, handcrafted in Italy
creo grande in a studio, sustainable design coffee table, handcrafted in Italy

Sustainable material

CREO is made with metal and wood:

• The metal is used for the legs, which are designed with a simple interlocking system. The metal comes from industrial scraps and it’s a certified high-quality material.

• The wood is used for the top and it is a high-quality recycled wood.

Besides the standard gray and black colors, you can decide any other colors.

How can each CREO be unique?

Yes, each CREO is unique and different from any other CREO!
As the steel is coming from discarded material and as everyday steel is cutted differently by the laser, we can’t decide the leg patterns and the combinations will always be unique!

Also, you will be able to make it unique! CREO is totally customizable and you can personalize the top however you want… you will make your CREO even more original!

creo piccolo in a studio, sustainable design coffee table, handcrafted in Italy

What can I do with Creo?

You are free to use it however you like the most! CREO is a blank canvas, you are the artist.
It can be used to express your creativity, your inner artist or to give a personality to your interiors! Also, it can be a way to dedicate some time for yourself, to relax and have some nice time.

Furthermore, the top shelf is exchangeable so you can have a new CREO by just changing it. Indeed, you can buy as many shelves as you want, personalize them and exchange them whenever you want.

The fluidity of its curved lines and the availability of various heights allow it to seamlessly adapt to any given context. More than just a coffee table, CREO has the ability to transform into a chair or serve as an authentic design piece or by incorporating additional art pieces, CREO provides a stunning platform to elevate and display other artistic creations.

Last but not least, you can give a CREO as a gift to someone!
Do you know someone who loves art? Did someone buy a new home? Or is there any special occasion? CREO can be a really original present that will make anyone happy… the receiver will remember you forever!

silvio bordoni, nestart owner

The decorative part of Nestart’s products are defined by the empty shapes of the support, which varies depending on the production cycles and nesting used that day. This means you will always have a unique product. Isn’t that great? So if your coffee table differs slightly from the reference photo, it’s not a mistake, it’s a value.

So, get your own Creo now at our shop!

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